Insurance expertise

Any IT or business project should create value for the organization.

V-NEO consists of insurance expert who offer a new way to support insurers in their growth challenges and digital transformations in order to propel them into the future.

Our Expertise

V-NEO’s expert provide consulting services in business and IT architecture, specialized insurance services and leading major transformation projects throughout the solution implementation process :


Image lettre A

From point A

the strategy, the plan or the original idea

Image lettre B

To point B

delivery and value
creation within the organization

Our business philosophy

  • Deliverables are not results,
  • they are means.
  • We not only work on problems,
  • we focus on solutions.
  • We are not tied to methodologies,
  • we rely on recognized practices.

  • V-NEO, much more than advice :

    we are committed to providing a clear and unbiased point of view.

  • V-NEO, much more than consultants :

    we are a team of professionals and experts.

  • V-NEO, much more than the services of one person :

    we offer the synergy offered by working as a team.

  • V-NEO, much more than simple know-how :

    soft skills which make us stand out.


V-NEO specializes in property, casualty and life & health insurance. Because of our team’s expertise in these areas, our continuous investment in specialized training, our Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance  (CIPA), we understand the needs and the stakes of the insurance world. This enables us to propose efficient solutions with the best value for the organization and to be operational as soon as we start working on the project.

Property and Casualty insurance

V-NEO’s professionals know all sectors of the property and casualty insurance industry. Processes and solutions supporting sales, compensation, reinsurance, accounting, distribution modes, personal and commercial product lines—the insurance world holds no secrets for V-NEO’s team.

Life and Health insurance

Life & Health insurance is a broad field. Whether they’re dealing with individual life or disability insurance, investments and pensions or group insurance, V-NEO’s professionals have the knowledge to quickly take on the projects entrusted to them.


Our services

The V-NEO team can meet a wide range of needs. Although our services cover the end-to-end process, from design to implementation, our team specializes in the following four fields :

Business architecture and IT expertise

Through their expertise, V‑NEO’s architects provide strategic assistance to organizations…

Through their expertise, V‑NEO’s architects provide strategic assistance to organizations from the inception of their enterprise architecture, IT master plan and technological orientations. They are also involved in many major initiatives aiming to modernize insurance systems and integrate omni-channels into their clients’ business model.

The quality of their interventions is based on :

  • their knowledge of the insurance industry;
  • their expertise in development practices and systems integration;
  • their experience with insurance-specific software package implementation;
  • their commitment to developing innovative expertise.

Futhermore, Based on the enterprise architecture and its associated business needs, V-NEO’s professionals design and implement pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions within constraints such as scope, budget, deadlines and capacity.

Enterprise package solutions

The success of the many projects our professionals have participated in proves our proficiency in the art of selecting…

The success of the many projects our professionals have participated in proves our proficiency in the art of selecting and integrating software and package solutions available on the market.

This assertion is based on :

  • our project management experience and our adaptation of agile practices for commercial solutions implementation;
  • our knowledge of the emerging IT concepts used to support integration of market solutions, including service-oriented architecture (SOA);
  • our experience integrating specialized software packages, such as solutions from the property and casualty insurance sector, client relationship management solutions, and information and document management solutions;
  • our active monitoring of innovative technologies supporting the implementation and use of software package solutions, such as cloud computing.

Process optimization

V-NEO’s professionals are especially concerned about efficient business…

V-NEO’s professionals are especially concerned about efficient business case and IT project design and IT project management, since inefficiencies in these areas often prevent value creation.

Instead of relying specifically on methodologies, we at V‑NEO believe that optimizing business or IT solution implementation practices should involve selecting, adapting and furthering proven professional practices, and experimenting with and refining promising emerging practices.

To offer the best-performing services :

  • we use risk management-based approaches;
  • we excel at recognized practices;
  • we are able to optimize these practices to increase their value to the organization.

Digital transformation

Mobile development, multichannel, omni-channel, call centres, interactive voice response systems, social networks, collaboration platforms…

Mobile development, multichannel, omni-channel, call centres, interactive voice response systems, social networks, collaboration platforms—the list of new realities that insurers must deal with are extensive. This forces them to rethink their business model to include this digital evolution, which is transforming product distribution, improving after-sales service and facilitating transactions with partners. It is an increasingly important driver of growth that can significantly lower organizations’ operating costs.

At V‑NEO, digital transformation is one of our specialties. Whether the project involves business strategy or implementing promising software solutions, V‑NEO’s digital transformation specialists are there to guide you through this complex, fascinating world of endless possibilities.

Here are a few of the digital transformation services we can provide :

  • Assist in the creation of a strategic vision for digital transformation of insurance business models;
  • Manage selection of third-party vendors or software package providers well-versed in the omni-channel strategy;
  • Deepen knowledge of omni-channel to design the best solution in terms of added value and ROI for our partners;
  • Provide project management and business analysis services to support project implementation.

Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance (CIPA)

V-NEO’s Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance—the first of its kind in North America—is fully dedicated to the insurance industry. Located in Quebec City, the center allows V-NEO to broadly share its expertise and knowledge, promote its services, and design highly innovative solutions for clients. It also brings together professionals who assist with organizational and technological transformation projects in local, national, and international markets.

City with a marker on a building


The Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance seeks to:

  • Aggregate business and IT expertise in the property, casualty, life, and health insurance fields
  • Promote the development and sharing of technological and business innovations
  • Deliver solutions locally and internationally

3 main areas

This Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance offers services in three main areas: open innovation, insurance expertise, and agile delivery.

Open and value-based

  • Insurance innovation (business and technology)
  • Innovation aggregator

Insurance business and technology

  • Support for high-level experts in various areas
  • Access to a wide range of technological and information assets
  • Incubation of tomorrow’s experts

Agile, on time, and on budget

  • Different modes of successful delivery
  • Implementation of innovative and effective environments
  • A hub for dedicated resources in a given field or technology


Clients who call on the Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance for their projects enjoy many benefits:

  • Lower risk due to the assistance of experts at critical points in the project
  • Access to numerous assets that significantly accelerate project completion
  • Development of client skills through expert support and access to training programs
  • Higher quality solutions thanks to certified delivery teams using best practices
  • The flexibility to meet client needs and constraints through hybrid delivery (on site or remotely)
  • Access to innovations worldwide, through a single hub, to identify solutions to complex problems


V-NEO belongs to the Guidewire PartnerConnect network as a Consulting Advantage Partner. Members of Guidewire PartnerConnect ™ provide a broad range of specialized services to clients in the property and casualty insurance industry. A top-notch professional staff, extensive experience in managing projects and delivering results, and a reputation for going above and beyond for its clients make us a valued partner.


The V-NEO team provides Strategy, Operational Consultancy and Information Technology Solution Implementation services and specialized resources to insurers in North America and Europe.

Focusing solely on the insurance sector, we consistently follow a business and IT approach from architecture (business case) to delivery, and provide maintenance, update, and change management support. At V-NEO, we offer boutique-style service and design solutions tailored to individual clients of all sizes and complexities. We also maintain a list of available accelerators allowing us to quickly generate added value associated with expected benefits.

Services are available in multiple languages.


We have completed over 15 Guidewire projects on the entire Guidewire product range with implications for nine business lines. The team includes experts with the highest certifications in each Guidewire suite module. V-NEO’s services come into play at every phase of a transformation project, including project planning, detailed architectural design (inception), Agile development, business solution delivery, data updating, and migration.

Supported by the Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance (CIPA), the only center of its kind in North America, V-NEO’s specialized team strives to add value and ensure quality at every step and make the Guidewire implementation process go as smoothly as possible for our clients.

V-NEO is recognized for its innovative approach to Guidewire implementation. V-NEO received the Guidewire Innovation Awards in 2013 (transformation) and 2015 (change management) at the annual conference in San Francisco.


At V-NEO, we pride ourselves on our service offering, which includes access to certified technical experts with insurance industry knowledge and training. Harnessing the power of teamwork, our professionals approach every project as a single, unified resource.

V-NEO’s unique consulting strategy means our team members act as partners rather than providers and build close ties with their clients and with Guidewire to optimize our service offering. This relationship also reinforces our commitment to our clients and colleagues.

Wyde is an IT software global leader and creator of Wynsure, a professional Insurance Policy Administration Software and Solution for Life Insurers. V-NEO as a system integrator and Wyde have partnered to strengthen & enhance customer centricity and faster go to market through business advisory services, industry thought leadership, hyper-specialized solutions and software implementations for the life insurance market.


Wynsure’s digitalized back office and front office solutions coupled with next gen delivery mechanisms are accelerating the Go-to Market pace for many life insurance carriers. These solutions are enabling omni-channel, secure experience and providing intelligent personalized interactions to create a best in class customer experience.

The partnership will push V-NEO to the forefront of the Life insurance market and give Wyde clients access to a first-rate insurance specialist and software solution implementation expert.

V-NEO is an Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold level member. Oracle provides leading-edge capabilities in software, platform, infrastructure and data as a service. Oracle owns the OIPA suite (Oracle Insurance Policy Administration), a professional policy administration software for individual Life insurance. V-NEO as a system integrator and Oracle have partnered to strengthen & enhance customer centricity and faster go to market through business advisory services, industry thought leadership, hyper-specialized solutions and software implementations for the Life insurance market.

The easy and modern solution is based on rules that are adjusted by the system pilot and includes all the elements of a policy’s life cycle. It helps in reducing the TCO (total Cost of Ownership) while remarkably accelerating the speed of reaction towards changes in the market. This solution thereby promotes a greater adaptability and a best customer experience by offering a real-time view of the information.

The partnership will push V-NEO to the forefront of the Life insurance market and give Oracle access to a first-rate insurance specialist and software solution implementation expert.

Logo Vneo

V-NEO means much more than the services of one person

it’s the synergy of the team

  • Involved

  • Convinced

  • Activator

  • Disciplined

  • Insurance

  • Adaptability

  • Concentrate

  • Coordinator

  • Analytical

  • Studious

  • Curious

  • Visionary

  • Intellectual

  • Communicator

  • Strategic

  • Human

  • Empathetic

  • Relational

  • Responsible

  • Competitive

  • Developer

  • Positive

  • Charismatic

A management team that is passionate

  • Alain Lamothe
    President and CEO

  • Carol Roy
    Executive Vice President

  • Rémy Martel
    Executive Vice President / HR and Operations

  • Jérôme Isabelle
    Executive Vice President / Strategic Alliances and New Markets

  • Marc Hughes
    Executive Vice President

  • Alain Lamothe
    Executive Vice President / Europe area

  • Stephene Ashikwe
    Executive Vice President / Toronto area

  • André Gagné
    Vice President / V-NEO's Development Center

  • Isabelle Pascot
    Vice President / Major account

  • Léo Lachance
    Vice President / V-NEO's experience

  • Annie Daigle
    HR and Communications Director

  • Guillaume Tremblay
    Finance Director

Career opportunities

Build a career at V-NEO

We are currently looking for :

  • Java / .Net Developer
  • Business Analyst / Architect
  • Functional Analyst / Architect
  • Project manager / Scrum master
  • Actuarial analyst / Actuary
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Dare to make a difference!

At V-NEO, all professionals contribute to the company’s overall success—they are the company. Simplicity, intelligence and creativity are the values that inspire our employees and guide them in everything they do, on both professional and personal levels. Come live the V-NEO experience!

We’re looking for professionals with a winning attitude, creative ideas and leadership!

V-NEO surrounds itself with professionals that are well-versed in agile projects, IT solution architecture, enterprise architecture or business analysis and who are known for their leadership and high-quality work.

Dream. Achieve. Live!

  • Six weeks of vacation for everyone;
  • Paid overtime;
  • Multiple benefits that we’ll be delighted to tell you about.

If you are interested in joining our team of professionals, contact us at

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